(Special Interest Group Luftwaffe in Norway)

Bf 109 D-1 (late) from 11./(N) JG 2, Norway 1940
Colours are probably 02/70/65.

11./(N)JG 2

The unit was born as 10./(Nacht) JG 26 at Jever in 1939, as a test unit for nightfighter testing. The unit was renamed 11./(N) JG 2 and was added the same year by 10./(N)JG 2 as 10. Staffel and 11/LG 2 as 12.Staffel. The Gruppe of these 3 staffel was called IV/(N)JG 2. They began with Arado 68 planes and later Bf 109 B,C and D. Late in 1940 they converted to Bf 109 E. Later the same year was the unit renamed III./NJG 1 and equiped with Bf 110 planes.

11.(N)JG 2 was moved to to Trondheim Norway at 29.4.40. Many planes crashed because of the bad landing facilities. The unit flew almost around the clock in this period, but no enemy actions appeared. The unit was moved to Kristiansand at 29.4.40 and back to Germany at 7.6.40

The unit was equipt with Bf 109 D-1 (late) models during its stay in Norway.

Following aircrafts are known of beeing in Norway:

Black N+4 ( see above), N+5, N+6, N+7 , N+9 and N+10