(Special Interest Group Luftwaffe in Norway)

Bf 109 E 1 Brown/Red 13 from 6/186, shortly before arrivel in Norway 1940
Colours are probably 02/70/65.


Because of the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin it was decided to form an fighter unit. The first unit was formed at 1.8.38, and called I/186. But disbanded after a few weeks. The second unit was formed 1.11.38 and consist of an Stuka unit called 4/186(T) and an fighter unit called 6/186(T). 6/186 was formed from 4/136 and equip with Bf 109 B. The unit spend much time exercising landing and takeoff from an carrier dummy in Travemunde. A newly formed 5/186(T) was added 16.6.39. Together they where called II/186. The unit was placed under Oberkomando der Marine via SKL (Seekriegsleitung) and had Fdl Ost (Fuhrer der seeluftstreitkrafte Ost) in Kiel as closest headquarter. The units crew was placed under Luftflotte 1.
II/186 was shortly engage in the battle of Polen, but was soon back in Kiel-Holtenau.
When the Graf Zeppelin project failed in September 39, it was decided to split the Stuka and fighter units. The Stuka unit was called I/186 and the fighter unit called II/186 (with 2 staffel: 5. and 6.). II/186 was soon added with an 4. staffel (11.11.39). II/186 converted to Bf 109 E during this events. II/186 was now a part of JG 77 (not formally) as an 3. Gruppe.
During the battle of France was the unit during an short time placed under JG 51 and operated in the air over Netherlands.
II/186 moved to Norway in July to support II./JG 77. The unit was renamed III./JG 77 at 5.7.40

Following command was at the arrive in Norway
Gruppekomand.		Stab		Hptm. Heinrich Seeliger
Gruppeadjutant		Stab		Olt. Wolfdieter Huy
Staffelkaptein		4.Staffel	Hptm. Walter Kienzle
Staffelkaptein		5.Staffel	Olt Schulz ?
Staffelkaptein		6.Staffel	Hans Herbert Wulf

Hptm Walter Kienzle was shortly after transferred back to Germany and was replaced by Olt Otto Hintz