(Special Interest Group Luftwaffe in Norway)

III./JG 1 in Norway

Fw 190 A3 from 8./JG 1 flown by Uffz. Siegfried Rudischinat, Kjevik 1942

III./JG 1 was formed 6.1.42 by following units:
Stab.Erg.Gr. JG 52 	formed Stab III/JG 1 	under command by Hpm. Herbert Kijewski
Erg.Gr 1 JG 2 		formed 7./JG 1 		under command by Oblt. Harry Koch
Eins.St.Erg.JG 27 	formed 8./JG 1 		under command by Hpm. Rolf Strossner
Eins.St.Erg.JG 52	formed 9./JG1 		under command by Oblt. Werner Gutowski

Shortly after was 8./JG sent to Norway as a part of Komando Losigkeit. ( more under Komando Losigkeit history)
III./JG 1 had during spring 1942 its bases in Denmark to defence the mainlands northern coast. They was equip with Bf 109 E and some F.
Parts of the unit landed 12.5.42 at Kjevik (Norway) to guard Prinz Eugens transfer from Kristiansand to Kiel. Shortly after (17.5) was the unit together with I./JG 5 involved in heavy fighting with British bomber units trying to sink Prinz Eugen. The attach was successfully stopped and 19 bombers was claimed shoot down, 6 of II./JG 1. According to RAF they listed 9 bombers lost that day.
7. and 9. staffel moved back to Denmark. Because of the movement of JG 5 further north, 8;JG 1 stayed in South Norway to defence this area together with 7. and 9. in Denmark. The main base of 8./JG 1 was then at Kjevik and they received new Fw 190 A2 and A3 in June 1942

Following accidents happend during 1942

Date Unit Pilot   Aircraft % Due to Location
30.jul 8.     Fw 190 A3 542 50 Motorfire Kjevik
18.aug 8. Uffz. Kurt Tiesler D Fw 190 A2 456 85 Crash Near Oslo
07.sep 8. Uffz. Franz Contzen M Fw 190 A2 286 100 Crash Between Oslo-Kjevik
09.okt 8. Uffz. Bernhard Deklerk D Fw 190 A2 466   Landing accident Lister
19.okt 8.     Fw 190 A3 418 40 Landing accident Kjevik
28.okt 8.     Fw 190 A3 2202 50 Landing accident Kjevik
07.nov 8. Hptm. Julius Henschel D Fw 190 A3 2204   Collision at take off Sola
07.nov 8. Lt. Erhard Richter W Fw 190 A3 5462   Collision at take off Sola
27.nov 8. Uffz. Hans Altmeyer M Fw 190 A4 7090 100 Crash in sea South of Arendal

Hptm. Julius Henschel was after his death replaced by Oblt. Emil Rudolf Schnoor as Staffelkapitan.

8./JG 1 stay in Norway was a very quiet , and all losses was due to non combat accidents. No "abshusse" was recorded in 1942. Early 1943 following two shoot downs was reported:

12.01.43 Uffz. Job reported one Spitfire was downed in the area of Kristiansand
03.05.43 Uffz Schmid reported one Beufighter downed at the Norwegian coast. The latter was probably an Mosquito according to RAF loss list

The unit moved back to Wangerooge in Holland march 1943 to help the rest of the Geswhader to fight the increasing bomber units attacking Germany.