(Special Interest Group Luftwaffe in Norway)

IV./JG 1 in Norway

IV./JG was formed in Vannes (France) at 6.1.42 of following units:
Stab Erg.Gr. JG 53 	formed Stab IV./JG 1 	under command by Hpm. Gunther Scholtz
Eins.St.Erg.Gr JG 2	formed 10./JG 1 	under command by Oblt. D. von Eichel-Streber
Eins.St.Erg.Gr JG 26	formed 11./JG 1 	under command by Oblt. Herman Segatz
Eins.St.Erg.Gr JG 51	formed 12./JG 1 	under command by Herbert Huppertz

The unit was equip with Bf 109 E and some F. It played a part of operation Donnerkeil in defence of Gneisenau,Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen during the breakout from Brest. Shortly after (march) the unit moved to Norway. It seems that the unit had its bases in the Trondheim area.
Just after some weeks (15.3.42) the unit was reorginazed to a part of the newly formed JG 5.
Stab IV./JG 1 	formed 	Stab III./JG 5
10./JG 1 	formed 	1./JG 5
11./JG 1 	formed 	8.JG 5
12./JG 1	formed 	9./JG 5

I know very little about IV./JG 1 short stay in Norway. I have not seen any photos of this unit in Norway. All information that I have so far is the following list of accidents in Norway

Date Unit Pilot   Aircraft % Due to Location
04.mar IV/JG1     Bf 109 F1 5682 20 Crash during landing Lade
07.mar IV/JG1 Bf 109 F1 5616 30 Collision during landing Lade
07.mar IV/JG1 Bf 109 E7 1126 20 Collision during landing Lade
07.mar IV/JG1 Bf 109 E7 6473 15 Hit on runway Lade
10.mar IV/JG1     Bf 109 F2 5488 40 Crash Gjemnes

A new IV./JG 1 was formed during April 1942 in Holland

If anyone have information or photos of this unit, please contact me