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Eagles over Norway

Andreas Brekken's Excelent Home Page, lots of photos, stories and discussion board

Norway During WW 2

Another Excelent Home Page, lots of photos, stories and discussion board

Soviet women pilots

Why not check the enemys pilots

Erich Mombeck

New Home Page: Support him

Kaiser books:

Online bookshop

Luftwaffe emblems:


Hans Liska:

Warpainter (done on the front) check it out

Desktop picture:

Cooldesktop picture with calendar. I use it

Atlantic wall website


Big on OOB

Luftwaffe Discussion Group:

12 O'Clock high discussion group

Wehrmacht Discussion Group:

Mainly Army things, but good

Australian War memorial:

1000's of Photos

Eagle editions:

Paintings & Books by Jerry Crandal

Aeroplane books:

Online used & rare books

Motag (hobbyshop):


The Battle of Britain 1940:

Good site and some interesting links

Marinemuseet i Horten:

Norwegian Navy museum. (only in Norwegian language)


"Late-War Luftwaffe Fighter Camouflage" veeeeery good page about models, Bf 109 G restoration, discussion group. Be sure to read the research paper: Late-War Luftwaffe Fighter Camouflage, Part One: Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6/U4/R3, WNr.163824

The Luftwaffe Web ring:

Lots of Luftwaffe links

Black cross/Red Star:

Air war over Russia by Christer Bergström Very good

The luftwaffe resource page:

Big Home Page about Luftwaffe. Mainly technical. Very good

The Luftwaffe Home Page:

Huge site with info about units. Very good

Luftwaffe Fighter aircrafts in Profile:

Check out these profiles. Veeeeeeeeeery good

Me 262 Home Page:

About the Me 262 in Australia

The German night fighter resource page:

Very good

Luftwaffe data base

On camouflaged wings


Millions of links

IPMS Norway

Rongstads military links

Stalag 13 Aviation links

The U-boat War 39-45:

If you like U-Boats, this is the place

Warbirds of Norway

Ju 52 Home Page


Online Shop that sell's replicas (and original) German Uniforms and related items

RZM imports:

Books, magazine and video