(Special Interest Group Luftwaffe in Norway)


(Sources: Norwegian Resistance Museum; S.A.I.B. Report No 1)

The main operational command in Norway at the date of surrender under the commanding General of the Luftwaffe in Norway; General Leutnant Roth where:

Flieger Division 5 in Bardufoss
Fliegerführer 4 (N.W) in Trondheim
Jafü (Jagdfliegerführer) Norwegen in Stavanger

Flieger Division 5 under the command of General Major Storp was the command North of the Flughafenbereich, Trondheim, under which all Luftwaffe units, including Flak was placed. This command was formed because of the remotnes of this area.

Fliegerführer 4 (Oberst Busch) was responsible for all aircraft south of and including Flughafenberaich, Trondheim, except fighter aircraft, which came under the command of the Jafü Norwegen (Oberst Lt. Scholz)

Air Sea Rescue

Air Sea Rescue was organized under Seenotdienstverbindungs komando (Air Sea Rescue Liaison Command) on the staff of the Commanding General Norway. This staff, however, was concerned only with the administrative and supply side of the Air Sea Rescue organization, whilst operational orders came from the Operational Command of the area in which Air Sea Rescue units operated

Two Air Sea Rescue Gruppen existed; Gruppe 51 + Staffel 51 at Bodö under Flieger Division 5 and Gruppe 50 at Fornebu and Staffel 50 at Sola under Fliegerführer 4

Airfield Regional Commands

At the date of Surrender there were 4 Air Field Commands;

Oslo (Oberstlt. Kosch)
Stavanger (Oberst Dannenberg)
Trondheim (General Lt. Mensching)
Narvik (General Major Jordan)

Table 1

Shows unit, location, number and type of aircraft stationed in Norway as of 10th May 1945, under the operational command to which they are responsible. Known are also added

Table 2

Gives the aircraft strength on each aerodrome
(Some difference may occur in the tables due to movement of aircraft)

Table 3

Contain a list of reserve aircraft stationed on various airdromes with known

Table 4

Map of Norway