Still under construction !!!!!!!!!

It is my hope that this list will be a complete casualty list regarding Nordic pilots and crewmembers in RAF during the Second World War,
but it is also combined a list of of all type of aircraft either destroyed (red) or damaged (blue) by involved pilots and crews from Norway,
Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. Still much research has to be done, before the list is complete.

As you can see it is surpisingly how high the losses were and especially many young and inexperienced pilots were wasted at tthe last year of the war.
Appx. 365 Nordic pilots and crewmembers gave their life in the struggle for freedom, sadly most of them is forgotten to day.

Danes is marked with (dk) and Swedes with (sw) behind the names and no marks for Norwegian.

This list is not necessary accurate and may be wrong about Dates, Places, Names, Fates etc etc

If you need helps on details about the list or have any COMMENTS or CORRECTIONS, you are always welcome to contact Knut Larsson


19.03.41   HURRICANE unk 213 SQN Ltn. John Schou (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ? unk Castletown     unk Cra/ near Castletown No further details.
07.08.41   HURRICANE unk 331 SQN Fnr. Stein Sem Safe Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat B?   ? unk Cattrick     Engine Fla/ area unknown No further details.
11.08.41   HURRICANE unk 331 SQN Fnr. Anton Hagerup Safe Acident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat B?   ? unk Cattrick     Error / Gir Lan/ on airfield Cattrick No further details.
13.08.41   OXFORD unk 15 SFTS Sjt. Erling Olsen (+) GERMAN A/C BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ? unk unk & (unknown Allied crew) (+)   I./NJG 2 Cra/ Kidlington, Oxford Flying night sortie.
              Ju 88    
25.08.41   OXFORD unk 6 SFTS (Unknown student pilot) (+)   Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat ?   ? unk unk & F/elev Rudolf Herland (+) unk Cra/ near Woodstock No further details.
25.08.41   HURRICANE unk 331 SQN Fnr. Gunnar Piltingsrud Safe Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat B?   ? unk Castletown     Engine Cra/ near Castletown No further details.
27.08.41   HURRICANE Z5266 331 SQN Fnr. Leif Lundsten Safe Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat B?   II FN-K Cattrick     Collision Air Fla/ on airfield Cattrick No further details.
27.08.41   HURRICANE unk 331 SQN Fnr. Jens Müller Safe Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C?   II FN-D Cattrick     Collision Air Cra/ area Cattrick Pilot bailed out.
29.09.41   HURRICANE unk 245 SQN Fnr. Elwood Erichsen (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C?   II unk Chibolton     Collision Air Cra/ area unknown Flying night sortie
12.12.41   HURRICANE Z3670 253 SQN Ltn. Jan Erik Løken (+) Accident BRITAIN PATROL
FTR   II unk Hibaldstow     Engine Cra/ 12km off the coast No further details.
        unk - 17.15          
02.01.42   SPITFIRE P8722 602 SQN Kapt. Jens Hertzberg (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE RHUBARB
FTR   V unk Kenley     unk Fla/s British Channel Shot down when
        pm         attacking 2 floatplane
                  over the Channel
12.02.42   WHIRLWIND P7093 137 SQN P/O Ralph Häggberg (sw) (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE UNKNOWN
FTR   I unk unk     unk Cra/s British Channel No further details.
09.02.42   HUDSON unk 48 SQN P/O Gunnar Krogsbøl (+) GERMAN G/f NORWAY UNKNOWN
FTR   ? unk Wick & (unknown allied crew) (+)   unk off Egersund Hit during attack on Convoy
        unk & (unknown allied crew) (+)        
          & (unknown allied crew) (+)        
03.04.42   LODESTAR unk BOAC Kapt. Erik Engnæs (+) GERMAN A/C North Sea TRANSPORT
FTR   ? unk Bromma & Ltn. Oddvar Wenger (+)   between Skagen  
        unk & Rt. Harald Wilhelmsen (+)   and Larvik, Skagerrak  
          & (5 passengers) all (+)        
21.04.42   SPITFIRE AR291 331 SQN Fnr. Per Svanøe Endresen (+) Unknown BRITAIN UNKNOWN
FTR   V FN-A Skeabrae     unk Cra/s N Orkney Island  
24.04.42   SPITFIRE BL924 234 SQN P/O N.H. Svendson (dk) pow GERMAN A/C BE-NE-LX UNKNOWN
FTR   V unk unk     unk Ostend?  
25.04.42   HURRICANE unk 4SAAF SQN Ltn. Christian Knut Langaard w (+) GERMAN A/C NORTH-AFRICA UNKNOWN
FTR   ? unk unk     unk off Gazala Pilot died when Hospital
        unk         ship was sunk.
30.04.42   SPITFIRE AB269 332 SQN Sjt. Søren Kjell Liby w GERMAN A/C BRITAIN INTERCEPTION
Cat B   V unk unk     unk Lan/Sda/ on airfield Hit and damaged off Whitby
        unk     Ju88    
24.05.42   SPITFIRE AB911 332 SQN Fnr. Thorstein Strand w GERMAN A/C BRITAIN INTERCEPTION
Cat C   V unk unk     unk Cra/ near South Shields Shot down S Blyth
        07:30     Ju 88    
07.06.42   SPITFIRE BM126 332 SQN Sjt. Per Schønberg (+) Accident BRITAIN INTERCEPTION
FTR   V unk unk     Engine Cra/s off coast NE Blyth
17.06.42   SPITFIRE unk 602 SQN Sjt. Ole Kornelius Årebrot (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING?
FTR   V   unk     oxygen Cra/ probably Redhill No further details.
19.06.42   SPITFIRE BL637 331 SQN Ltn. Karl Theodor Jacobsen (+) GERMAN A/C BE-NE.LX UNKNOWN
FTR   V FN-Y North Weald     II./JG 1 Cra/ area Vlissingen  
        morning     Fw 190    
19.06.42   SPITFIRE AR298 331 SQN Fnr. Jens Einar Müller pow GERMAN A/C BE-NE.LX UNKNOWN
FTR   V FN-N North Weald     II./JG 1 Cra/s off Belgian coast  
        morning     Fw 190    
19.06.42   SPITFIRE R7262 331 SQN Sjt. Tim Frithjof Heiberg w GERMAN G/f BE-NE-LX UNKNOWN
Cat B   V FN-J North Weald     unk Lan/Sda/ on airfield North Hit whwn attacking a flak
        morning       Weald ship
26.06.42   BEAUFIGHTER unk 235 SQN P/O A.O. Arnesen (+) Accident NORTH SEA UNKNOWN
FTR   ? unk unk & (Unknown RAF Crew) (+)   Engine Fla/s unknown area Crew seen going into
        unk         rudder dinghy, but never
30.07.42   SPITFIRE RM244 122 SQN Sjt. Tore Skjeseth (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE RAMROD
FTR   V unk unk     Fw 190 Cra/s mid Channel Shot down low when circling
        unk         a fellow pilot in the water
30.07.42   TYPHOON R7853 56 SQN Ltn. Erik Haabjørn Safe BRITISH A/C BRITAIN UNKNOWN
FTR   I X unk     Spitfire Cra/s off south coast near Shot down by a mistake,
        unk       Dungness pilot bailed out and
                  then rescued from water
01.08.42   SPITFIRE unk 118 SQN Fnr. Søren Kjell Liby Safe Accident BRITAIN UNKNOWN
Cat C   V unk Merston     Engine Sta/ from airfield Merston  
19.08.42   SPITFIRE BL934? 129 SQN V/Sjt. Sigurd Jenssen (+) Accident BRITAIN UNKNOWN
FTR   V unk Hornchurch     Weather Cra near Hornchurch  
27.08.42   SPITFIRE AR402 122 SQN Sjt. Karl-Gustav Silsand (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE ASR
FTR   V unk unk     Fw 190 Cra/s off Gris Nez Shot down, pilot probably
        unk         bailed out, seen in water
                  but not sescued.
11.10.42   SPITFIRE BR596 64 SQN Ltn. Eiliv Strømme (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE RODEO 101
FTR   IX unk Hornchurch     Fw 190 NW part of France No further details.
17.10.42   SPITFIRE unk 52 OTU Sjt. Knut Whinter (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ? unk unk     Weather Cra/ near Gloucester Experienced heavy fog and
        unk         flew into a hill
17.01.43   HALIFAX DT647 76 SQN Kapt. Bjørn Håkon Næss (+) Unknown UNKNOWN BOMBER OPR. Berlin
FTR   II MP - P Linton-on-Ouse & Ltn. Bjarne Indseth (+) unk Cra/ unknown area Lost without trace.
        16:22 - unk & (Sgt Lamb) (+)        
          & (Sgt Moody) (+)        
          & (Sgt Stinton) (+)        
          & (Sgt Saunders) (+)        
          & (Sgt Green) (+)        
26.02.43   MOSQUITO DZ481 139 SQN Ltn. Tycho Castberg Moe (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE BOMBER OPR. Rennes
FTR   IV XD - L Marham & Fnr. Ottar Smedaas (+) unk Cra/ area unknown Target naval stores depot.
        16:50 - unk          
27.02.43   UNKNOWN unk 57 OTU Sjt. Håkon Langseth Myhre (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ? unk Eshott Morpeth     Collision Air Cra area unknown Practiced flying formation.
03.04.43   MASTER unk 5 AFU Sjt. Sigurd Clausen Haanes (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C?   ? unk Calveley & (unk RAF Instuctor) (+)   Engine Cra/ near Calveley Practiced nightflying
23.04.43   UNKNOWN unk 53 OTU Sjt. Jon Martin Hals (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   x unk Llandow     unk Cra/ area unknown No further details.
30.05.43   SPITFIRE EN562 611 SQN Ltn. Rolf Thorbjørn Tradin (+) GERMAN A/C FRANCE RAMROD
FTR   IX unk unk     Fw 190 Cra/s off coast of France Combat started over
        pm         Pont l`Eveque
18.07.43   MOSQUITO unk UNKNOWN Kapt. Olav Bakke Stene (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ? unk unk & Ltn. Kjell Løchen (+) Collision Air Cra/ near Bedford Collided with high vollage
        pm         cabel during navigation
                  practice in low level
26.07.43   SPITFIRE unk 61 OTU Sjt. Kjell Roald Oddfjell (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ? unk St. Rednal     unk Cra/ area unknown Practiced shooting against
        unk         ground target.
29.07.43   HALIFAX ED244 76 SQN Sjt. Arne Reidar Bjercke (+) GERMAN G/f GERMANY BOMBER OPR. Hamburg
FTR   V MP-X Holme-on-Spalding & Sjt. Odd Grønfur Olsen pow and then Cra/ near Oberndorf,  
        22:33 - unk & (Sgt Morrison) pow   GERMAN A/C 27km NW Stade,  
          & (F/O Daniel) (+)     W Hamburg  
          & ((Sgt Roberts) pow        
          & (Sgt Daniels) pow        
          & (Sgt Bates) pow        
29.08.43   MUSTANG AM109 2 SQN Kapt. Fredrik Jean-Hansen (+) GERMAN G/f FRANCE POPULAR
FTR   I unk unk     unk Cra/ area unknown Hit in low hight, not able
        unk         to bail out.
22.09.43   HALIFAX ED244 76 SQN Sjt. Birger Fjærvoll (+) GERMAN A/C GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   V MP - X Holme-on-Spalding & Sjt. Arthur Gustav Osnes (+) unk Cra/ near Ströhen  
        18:35 - unk & (Sgt Meredith) (+)     7km ESE Wagenfeld  
          & (Sgt Old) (+)        
          & ((Sgt Kerr) (+)        
          & (Sgt Stohard) (+)        
          & (Sgt Denis) (pow        
03.10.43   HALIFAX DK203 76 SQN Ltn. Niels Darre Eckhoff (+) GERMAN A/C GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   V MP - A Holme-on-Spalding & Sjt. Sigurd Meieran pow II./ NJG 1 Cra/ 400m E Terschelling  
        18:30 - 23:22 & Sjt. Jens Skjellanger pow      
          & (Sgt Hayes) w(+)        
          & (Sgt Coupe) pow        
          & (Sgt Coster) pow        
          & (F/O Sheerman) (+)        
06.10.43   MOSQUITO unk 8 OTU Ltn. Arve Braathen (+) Unknown BRITAIN TRAINING
FTR   ?   Dyce & Ltn. Nils Romnæs (+) unk Cra/s distance Scotland -  
        unk       Shetlands  
22.10.43   HALIFAX LK664 76 SQN Fnr. Leif Woodrow Hulthin (+) GERMAN G/f? GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   V MP - U Holme-on-Spalding & (W/O Blackburn) (+)   unk Cra/ Welda, Warburg,  
        17:31 - unk & (Sgt Machan) (+)     31km NW Kassel  
          & (F/O Murfitt) (+)        
          & (P/O Barden) (+)        
          & (Sgt Southern) (+)        
          & (Sgt Brawn) (+)        
          & (P/O Pringle) (+)        
25.10.43   MOSQUITO unk BOAC Kapt. Martin Hamre (+) Accident BRITAIN TRANSPORT
FTR   ?   Bromma & Kvm. Sverre Haug (+) Engine Cra/s off Leuchars,  
        unk & (1 passengers killed)     Scotland  
02.12.43   LANCASTER LM316 460 SQN (F/O Mitschell) (+)   GERMAN G/f GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   III AR-H2 Binbrook & Kapt. Nordahl Grieg (+) unk Cra/ near Döberitz, Berlin No further details.
        16:35 - unk & (Sgt Cooper) (+)        
          & (F/Sgt Cole) (+)        
          & (F/Sgt Phelan) (+)        
          & (P/O Boyd) (+)        
          & (P/O Ellis) (+)        
          & (Sgt Keir) (+)        
20.01.44   SPITFIRE MH822 165 SQN F/Sgt Ingvar Håkansson (sw) w Accident BRITAIN UNKNOWN
Cat B   IX Y Culmhead     Collision Air Lan/Sda/ on airfield No further details.
        unk       Culmhead  
21.01.44   HALIFAX LK733 76 SQN Ltn. Tor Anundskås (+) GERMAN G/f GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   V MP-D Holme-on-Spalding & (Sgt Gorrie) (+)   unk Cra/ near Magdeburg No further details.
        19:45 - unk & (Sgt Jessamy) (+)        
          & (F/O James) (+)        
          & ( Sgt Driver) (+)        
          & (Sgt Wyapp) (+)        
          & Sgt Rose) (+)        
08.02.44   MOSQUITO HK374 85 SQN (F/L Woods) (+)   Accident BRITAIN UNKNOWN
FTR   XIII R West Malling & Ltn. Jan Otto Bugge (+) Collision Air off Beachy Head No further details.
09.02.44   SPITFIRE MK129 331 SQN Sjt. Otto Treider (+) Accident FRANCE UNKNOWN
FTR   IX FN-Z North Weald     Engine 20km N Dieppe No further details.
25.02.44   SPITFIRE MJ534 331 SQN Ltn. Fredrik Fearnley (+) GERMAN G/f FRANCE UNKNOWN
FTR   IX FN-W North Weald     unk Cra/ near airfield St. Trond Hit when strafing airfield
08.03.44   SPITFIRE MJ299 332 SQN Sjt. Rudolf Høiland (+) GERMAN A/C BE-NE-LX UNKNOWN
FTR   IX unk North Weald     unk Cra/s off Dutch coast No further details.
14.04.44   SPITFIRE MH760 332 SQN Fnr. Torvald Hetland (+) GERMAN G/f FRANCE UNKNOWN
FTR   IX unk North Weald     unk Cra/ mid. Br. Channel No further details.
06.06.44   LANCASTER ND815 93 SQN Ltn. Finn Varde Jespersen (+) GERMAN G/f FRANCE BOMBING OPR
FTR   III OF-G Coningsby & Sjt. Christian Münster (+) unk Cra/ Osmanville No further detaqils.
        03.08 - unk & Sjt. Kåre Pedersen (+)   2km NE Isigny-sur-Mer  
          & Sjt. Knut Baade Magnus (+)      
          & Sjt. Jon Ernst Evensen (+)      
          & (P/O McCutcheon) (+)        
          & (Sgt Ashpole) (+)        
20.06.44   HURRICANE unk 41 OTU Kapt. Lars Heyerdahl-Larsen (+) Accident BRITAIN TRAINING
Cat C   ?   Hawarden     unk Cra/ near Hawarden No further details.
09.07.44   SPITFIRE RB153 610 SQN F/Sgt Ingvar Håkansson (sw) (+) Accident BRITAIN UNKNOWN
FTR   XIV unk Westhampnett?     Engine Cra/s off Dungeness No further details.
28.08.44   LODESTAR unk BOAC Ltn Alf Kristian Hiorth (+) Accident SWEDEN TRANSPORT
FTR   ?   Leuchars & Fnr. Lars Larsen Bergo (+) Weather Cra/ Kinnekulle  
        unk & Fnr. Sven Brun Moe (+)      
          & (Passengers) 3 survied        
28.10.44   LANCASTER PB612 35 SQN Kapt. Sven Hausvik (+) Unknown GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   III TL-P Graveley & V/Sjt. Othmar Flaaten (+) unk Cra/ area unknown  
        14.06 - unk & Sjt. Finn Hågensen (+)      
          & (F/Sgt Jackson) (+)        
          & (F/Sgt Bevin) (+)        
          & (F/Sgt Harper) (+)        
          & (Sgt Daley) (+)        
10.12.44   MOSQUITO unk 45 Group Fnr. Sigmund Breck (+) Accident CANADA TRANSPORT
FTR   ?   unk & (unk RAF crew) (+)   Engine off Prince Edward  
17.12.44   TEMPEST unk 80 SQN Ltn. Johan Giilhus (+) GERMAN G/f GERMANY UNKNOWN
FTR   V   B80 Volkel     unk Cra/ near Bielefeld  
17.12.44   LANCASTER SW245 57 SQN Kapt. Niels Chr. Evensen (+) GERMAN G/f FRANCE BOMBING OPR:
FTR   I DX-L East Kirkby & V/Sjt. Walter Gulliksen (+) unk Cra/s off Dieppe  
        23:00 - unk & Sjt. Håkon Bjorøy (+)      
          & (F/O Garling) (+)        
          & (W/O Thomason) (+)        
          & (Sgt Powell) (+)        
          & (Sgt Scott) (+)        
03.02.45   SPITFIRE unk 132 WING Obsltn. Rolf Arne Berg (+) GERMAN G/f BE-NE-LX UNKNOWN
FTR   IX   unk     unk near airfield Eelde  
21.03.45   MOSQUITO RS609 464 SQN (F/O Palmer) (+)   GERMAN G/f DENMARK BOMBING OPR.
FTR   VI SB - V Fersfield & Fnr. Herman Becker (+) unk Cra/s near København Hit when attacking
        unk         Gestapo HQ København
20.04.45   LANCASTER PA285 622 SQN (F/L Robbins) (+)   GERMAN G/f GERMANY BOMBING OPR.
FTR   I GI - O Mildenhall & Fnr. Gustav Dietrichson (+) unk Cra/ Burgweintling, Hit when attacking fuel
        09.57 - unk & (Sgt Reid) (+)     5km SE Regensburg storage depot Regensburg
          & (F/O Scott) (+)        
          & (F/O Smith) (+)        
          & (F/Sgt Hulland) (+)        
          & (F/Sgt Parker) pow        
16.04.45   SPITFIRE NH425 332 SQN Sjt. Bjarne Aasberg Safe GERMAN G/f BE-NE-LX ARMED RECCE.
FTR   IX AH - S B85 Schijndel     unk Bla/ S Alkmaar Hit attacking motorized
        unk         transports in area Emden
18.04.45   MUSTANG KH790 BENTW. WING Obsltn. Werner Christie pow GERMAN G/f GERMANY RAMROD unk
FTR   IV WHC? unk     unk Cra/ near Handorf Hit and pilot bailed out.
        unk - 13:45          
04.05.45   MUSTANG KH478 126 SQN Major Arne Austeen (+) GERMAN G/f DENMARK RAMROD 1559
FTR   III 5J - B Bentwaters     unk Cra/s area Lille Bælt, Hit when attacking U-Boats
        unk       off peninsula Als Flensburger Förde
07.05.45   MOSQUITO unk UNKNOWN (Unknown RAF pilot) (+)   Accident BRITAIN TRAINING?
FTR   ? unk unk & Ltn. Per Breivik (+) unk Cra/ Lydney, near Cardiff No further details.