Luftwaffe Organization in
Norway may 1945

Luftwaffe losses in Norway

Fliegerhorste in Norwegen

Truppengliederungen (order of battle)


Monthly strengh Luftwaffe all units

RLM Aircraft production 1944

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Luftwaffe in Norway by year

 1940  1941
 1942  1943
 1944  1945

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Whats new:

15 November
new link

21 April
Updated Layout of RAF Nordic
claim and losses list and updated RAF Nordic casualities list

20 April
more Adler added

13 April
Adler magazine to download
Lw Claims in south Norway 40 - 45

1 April
updated version of RAF Nordic
claim and losses list

10 February
List of all Fi-156 Storch in
Norway 1945 under articles


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