History of Luftwaffe units
in Norway


In this section it is planned to tell the story of the Luftwaffe units that was i Norway during WW2

If you have additional info about the units listed here, , so this info will be so correct as possible

Also the lay out of the infopages are open for debate


Made with help of : Knut Larson, Tor Gravdal, Kjetil Aakra


 Jagdverbände  Stab Jagdverbände Kampfverbände Aufklärungsverbände
Staffelstambau JG 5 (pdf)  Stab I./JG 5    1.(H)/32
1./JG 5  Stab II./JG 5    1.(F)/120
2./JG 5  Stab III./JG 5    
3./JG 5  Stab IV./JG 5    
4./JG 5      
5./JG 5      
6./JG 5      
7./JG 5      
8./JG 5      
9./JG 5 (1 formation)      
10./JG 5      
11./JG 5      
12./JG 5      
13./JG 5      
14./JG 5      
15./JG 5      
16./JG 5