History of Luftwaffe units
in Norway


In this section it is planned to tell the story of the Luftwaffe units that was i Norway during WW2

If you have additional info about the units listed here, please contact me, so this info will be so correct as possible

Also the lay out of the infopages are open for debate


Made with help of : Knut Larson, Tor Gravdal, Kjetil Aakra


 Jagdverbände  Stab Jagdverbände Kampfverbände Aufklärungsverbände
Staffelstambau JG 5 (pdf)  Stab I./JG 5    1.(H)/32
1./JG 5  Stab II./JG 5    1.(F)/120
2./JG 5  Stab III./JG 5    
3./JG 5  Stab IV./JG 5    
4./JG 5      
5./JG 5      
6./JG 5      
7./JG 5      
8./JG 5      
9./JG 5 (1 formation)      
10./JG 5      
11./JG 5      
12./JG 5      
13./JG 5      
14./JG 5      
15./JG 5      
16./JG 5